Physical Therapy Lindenhurst NY

Dr. Robert Pesci

Doctor Robert Pesci, PT, DPT

Co-owner and Director

Doctor Robert Pesci, PT, DPT is the co-owner and Director of Lindenhurst Physical Therapy. Dr. Pesci has been a member of the Physical Therapy field for 15+ years, earning his Doctorate of Physical therapy at Touro College in 2006. He specializes in functional orthopedics, functional soft tissue mobilization, and functional activity training.

Dr. Pesci prides himself on his examination assessment skills and creating individualized treatment plans to restore muscle imbalances and joint dysfunction.

Dr. Pesci is a proud father of four girls along with his beautiful wife and treats all of his patients as through they are a part of his family. Dr. Pesci’s mission is to train individuals in restoring their physical body’s natural way of movement, as well as provide an alternate approach in pain management. He has coined the phrase, “Physical Medicine – Where it’s okay to be addicted.”

John Douglas, PTA

John Douglas, PTA

Co-owner and Founder

John Douglas, PTA is the co-owner and founder of Lindenhurst Physical Therapy. John is also the owner and director of Pequa Physical and Aquatic Therapy, Ultra Health Physical and Aquatic Therapy and Pequa Physical – Aquatic and Balance Therapy. John’s passion for the field of physical therapy is clearly seen in his lectures on the advantages of Aquatic Therapy, which he has been giving since 2001. He is a Physical Therapist Assistant and has been treating patients for over 18 years.

Colleen McMahon, LMT

Hi, my name is Colleen McMahon. I have been a NYS licensed massage therapist since 1988. I am a graduate of the New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research, which is now The New York College. I have been practicing privately as well as in many types of venues, including chiropractic, physical therapy and osteopathic and internal medicine. I have treated people having acute and chronic pain, as well as implementing stress reduction treatments. I am certified in sports massage, trigger point head and neck and sciatica treatment. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.